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After cereals, fish and other seafood may be humanity's most significant food, providing around 15% of the world's protein consumption.

The fish is cooked whole or sliced into steaks, fillets, or pieces. Crustaceans, like other mollusks, are normally fried whole and alive. Much seafood is eaten raw, either fully raw or with little marination.

The world's fish cuisine repertoire is vast. Poached, sautéed, broiled, baked, deep-fried, steamed, or raw fish can be prepared in various ways. Seafood is used in multiple savory stews, soups, chowders, gumbos, and bisques. Gentle flavors and sauces are used with delicate and lean seafood, whereas stronger seasonings and spices are used with coarser or fattier flesh.

At Chennai Meats, we only provide the freshest fish and seafood, which is ensured by our daily catch from local fishermen. Buy our professionally handpicked finest fish, which are then cleaned and gutted completely before being delivered to your house. So order your seafood online in Chennai with us and enjoy the delicacies.

Our extensive selection of fish and seafood includes:

Whole Silver Pomfret(Vavvaal) – Cleaned – Due to its delicate white flesh and mild "non-fishy" flavor, "pomfret" is one of the most sought-after fish in India and Southeast Asia. It is completely precleaned, gutted, precut, and ready to cook. They're simple to consume and prepare and delicious, whether grilled, fish varuval or cooked in curry.

Sea Bass – Cleaned(Koduva) – Cleaned – Sea Bass, also known as Pandugappa and Bhetki, is precleaned and gutted for you. It has a solid texture and a somewhat sweet taste, and the fish has lean flesh with medium white flakes. This fish is known for its delectable curry and is also prepared in steamed banana leaves with mustard paste as a paturi, bhetki fish fry, and fish fingers.

Indian Salmon (Kaala) Cleaned – The Indian Salmon is freshly taken from the coastal waters and properly cleaned before slicing into boneless cubes. Indian salmon is known for its wonderful taste, robust texture, and white meat. Because of its distinct flavor, salmon is a popular dish at all seaside restaurants.

Shark / Paal Sura - The shark has few bones and a meaty flavor. Because it is highly mushy, it is the most popular fish for producing scrambled fish (puttu). Shark meats are used to make delicious finger-licking fish curries. Buy this seafood only from Chennai Meats to experience greatness.

Medium w/o Tail Prawns (Cleaned and Deveined) – Found in abundance on India's shallow west shores. It has white meat and a juicy, solid yet sensitive flavor, and it is home-delivered to you, de-shelled, deveined, and properly cleaned before cooking, with the head and tail removed. The prawns have a mildly sweet flavor and are high in protein. This seafood dish is a terrific way to start a meal, and it’s also delicious in curries and biryanis.

Top 10 Health Benefits of fish

Fish is one of the world's healthiest foods. Let’s look at the benefits of eating fish and seafood.

  1. It's high in essential nutrients, including protein and vitamin D.
  2. It may help you avoid heart attacks and strokes.
  3. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for brain and eye development, are abundant in fish.
  4. Fish consumption has been associated with reducing mental deterioration in older people.
  5. It might aid in the prevention and treatment of depression.
  6. A strong source of vitamin D in the diet
  7. Minimize your chances of developing autoimmune illnesses
  8. Assist in the prevention of asthma in youngsters
  9. People who consume more fish have a decreased chance of developing AMD, which is a primary cause of visual loss and blindness.
  10. Fish may help you sleep better.

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What makes Chennai Meats is the best Seafood Portal?

  1. Sourced daily, directly from our local fishers
  2. No antibiotics, No Chemicals, No Preservatives
  3. From the coast to your home within 5 hours
  4. Transportation under temperature control
  5. Physical Inspection from our Quality Team
  6. With no hand contact, cut fish with cloves
  7. Clean fish with RO purified water
  8. Customized cuts to make your cooking easy
  9. To avoid spills, we use Sealed Vaccum Packaging
  10. Neat Packaging
  11. On Time Delivery
  12. Chilled Transport Packs

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