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About Chennai Meats

Are you also a seafood and meat enthusiast like us? Do you also get tired of paying a lot for preserved seafood and getting that soul-trenching taste? Well, worry not; you have come to the best place for fresh seafood/meat delivered to your doorstep, along with a few simple yet tasty recipes you can make at home.

Our Story

Let us tell you a little story of how we started this. Your two regular IT people craved seafood during the pandemic, so much so that they went to a seafood restaurant. But to their disappointment, all they got was stale and tasteless seafood. However, they still tried to find some other place, but alas! Well, it was when they realized the scarcity and the increasing demand. Then, those two came up with a brilliant idea of delivering fresh seafood/meats. Also, delivering fresh and clean meat online was a good idea to take advantage of the pandemic.

Our Future Plans & Goals

With time Chennai Meats is preparing to open more local outlets in the prime regions of Chennai. Until then, order your fresh set of meat or seafood online from the comfort of your house.

Who can Use it?

Our fresh meat delivery service’s finest uses are small and large family get-togethers. Additionally, it is the best option for delivery services for meat, chicken, and seafood.

Why Chennai Meats?

With you ordering your delicacies from Chennai Meats, you not ensure one or two but numerous benefits for yourself.

Our Promises

Chennai Meat promises you 100% refund or replacement of the purchase if there is a problem with the product's quality or the delivery date or time is not met.

Our Mission

“We serve with love and care from ours to yours.” We check enormous quality on meats when sourcing, processing, cleaning, packing and then delivering to your home.

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