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Is Seafood Safe to Eat Every Day?

Are you someone who loves to add seafood to their diet every day and is kind of obsessed with it? If yes, you are a seafoodie.

Residing near a coastal area like Chennai offers the opportunity to get fresh seafood every day, which is amazing. But have you ever given food for thought if it is safe to eat seafood every day? Or, what happens if we eat too much of it?

This blog will be relevant if you have these questions because we are here to give practical answers.

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Seafood |  3 mins read | Date Posted: 20 Nov 2022

Is It Bad for Your Health to Eat Fish Every Day?

Many health guidelines given by the government suggest people eat fish twice a week. So if you ask how often you should eat fish per week, you have the answer.

But again, there is no risk if anyone eats fish or seafood daily.

Seafood consists of vital nutrients that can help balance your body. This is why eating seafood is so healthy.

Research done by Harvard has found that people who consumed seafood, particularly fish, had a high level of omega-3 fatty acids. So, they were less likely to be prone to PAD, a disease caused by plaque buildup in arteries. Also, they have reduced the risk of negative health outcomes.

Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Eat Seafood Every Day?

Though seafood, especially fish, happens to be a great source of protein as it helps with a baby's brain development when inside the womb. Eating certain kinds of fish every day isn't recommended for pregnant women.

This is because some larger fish, such as sharks, swordfish, and king mackerel, tend to contain toxins such as mercury. This toxin can harm your baby's brain and nervous system.

What Happens If You Eat Seafood Daily?

As already mentioned, there is no harm in having seafood every day. However, it is important to create a balance between the seafood selections. Considering the wide variety of seafood types, it is easy to add healthy cups of seafood.

Some health benefits of eating seafood every day are:

  • Helps you sleep better
  • Reduce the risk of heart attack and autoimmune diseases
  • Boosts brain and eye health

Can Eating Too Much Seafood Be Harmful?

Yes, eating too much seafood can be harmful because some fish contain toxins such as mercury.

So, consuming a large amount of fish can create a toxin buildup in the body. But this mercury level is highly available in certain fish, such as sharks and tuna.

Wrapping up

Being a seafood lover is fine; eating it every day is also fine. However, knowing that too much of anything can be poisonous is essential. So, if you eat too much fish or any seafood, you are at risk of unnecessary health issues. But a quick trick to neutralize the mercury levels stored in your body is adding vegetables and salads to your diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know if you're purchasing them fresh is listed below.

Raw or Cooked prawns should have a fresh scent. Avoid the ones that appear dry or fractured shells. Prawns can be purchased either raw or cooked, sometimes with the head and shell removed or still in the shell. Prawns are blue-gray while raw and become pink when cooked.

Cook and eat the prawns within 24 hours of purchase, and keep them fresh in their original packaging in a sealed container, as with other fish and shellfish. Prawns that are frozen will last much longer.
Prawns cook up quickly and effortlessly. Count on 2 to 6 minutes for stir-frying, 3 to 4 minutes for each side on the grill, or 3 to 10 minutes for poaching, depending on the size.
Note: Cooking advice- If you're purchasing shell-on prawns, purchase twice as many shell-off prawns.

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