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6 Important things to know before you buying Vanjaram Fish

Seer fish, also known as vanjaram fish, is particularly well-liked for its flavor and cost! This fish can swim quite quickly. Additionally, this fish fights vehemently when caught, making it quite challenging to catch. Hence the high price tag!

Freshly cut slices of raw Vanjaram on wood

Fish |  3 mins read | Date Posted: 20 Dec 2022

Vanjaram, the priciest variety of seer fish, is available only in Tamil Nadu. The Goan seafood enthusiasts refer to it as Iswan/Viswon, whereas the Maharashtrians refer to it as Surmai. It is also consumed in Kerala, where it is sold under the name Neymeen. The Malabar coast residents choose to call it Ayakoora. In Karnataka, the seer fish is referred to as anjal.

The fish has a strong texture and a solitary central bone. As a result, people can eat it more easily. Due to its flavor and nutritional benefits, it is the fish of choice for many South Indians.

The Vanjaram fish has several health advantages. This saltwater fish contains heart-healthy omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Unsaturated fat disintegrates in the blood, so it doesn't result in arterial obstructions. According to experts, the fatty acids in fresh Vanjaram fish inhibit inflammation and support the formation of cell structures. Vitamin A benefits the eyes.

How to Cut a Vanjaram Fish?

You can ask the fish vendor to cut the fish for you if you purchase it from the market. Make sure you have a large knife, as you will need to cut through the fish's single bone if you purchase it whole. To cut a fresh Vanjaram fish, follow these steps:

Step 1: First, trim the fins.

Step 2: Cut the tail in step two.

Step 3: Remove the gill-covered portion of the head.

Step 4: The area around the gills on the head will have semicircles of thorns with a reddish tint once the gills have been removed. Gently remove them and throw them away.

Step 5: Cut the fish's side off and separate the gut from the body parts (intestine, stomach, and other parts).

Step 6: Slice the fish into tiny ovals, with the bone in the middle.

Things to Check Before Buying a Vanjaram Fish

  • Both online and offline markets sell seer fish: You can buy your vanjaram fish from local markets or order online from Chennai Meats as well.
  • You should inspect the fish you plan to buy for color, smell, firmness, and texture: A fresh fish will have the smell of salt water, and it will be firm when touched.
  • The fish's body shoufull-width-secldn't have any areas of darkness: The fish should not have any discoloration or metallic looks.
  • When touched, a fresh piece of fish will feel soft and supple: As a result, it will faintly bounce when thrown on a surface. The fish must be springy when bought, and a high-quality fish will always feel firm to the touch. While some fish will feel softer than others, it is a clue that the fish has gone bad if it feels flabby or becomes loose.
  • Look into the eyes: The eyes of fresh fish should be bright and clear. Avoid fish with eyes that are hazy, hollow, or have red blotches on them.
  • Check the gills: A moist, shiny, pink, or red gill is a surefire sign of a fresh, high-quality fish. Avoid fish with gills that are brown or faded.

How to Fry Vanjaram Fish

To fry your fish that was ordered online from Chennai Meats properly, follow these steps:

  1. With a little vinegar added, properly drain the water after washing the fish.
  2. Making an onion paste with curry leaves will now be used to marinade the fish.
  3. After that, season with salt to taste and stir in a little turmeric, chile, and jeera powder. The optional use of garam masala is also available.
  4. The fish chunks should now be added to the spice mixture and left for 20 to 25 minutes.
  5. Then add a few curry leaves to a pan with mustard oil and wait for the leaves to turn crisp.
  6. Gently turn the fish to the other side to prevent breaking it.
  7. Once more, cover it for two or three minutes.
  8. Then, with the lid off to let the moisture out, roast the food over a moderately high flame until it begins to turn golden.
  9. Steamed rice is served last with the dish.


Chennai Meats is the next generation information hub for all your meat needs. We strive to provide you as much of information to have safe & fresh seafood every time. We believe all the above information helps you understand how to check Vanjaram before buying to your home. If you feel any information is missing, please write to us at [email protected].


Date: 18 Sep 2022


by Chennai Meats

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